Concept Design

Your customers have all the information -- you only need to learn how to get it.  Just asking them is a gamble and often leads to products that fail.

Identify your customers.

I can help you and your team learn how get the appropriate amount of coverage across your customer base.  It's not always obvious.  Sometimes the user is not the only person that makes the final purchasing decision. 

Talk to your customers.

OK, you know exactly who you need to talk to.  What are they going to tell you?  Many times, even the customer doesn't quite know how to articulate what they want... but they always assure you that they "will know it when they see it."  Getting to the root need is not easy.  The better prepared your team is going in, the better your data will be when they come out.

What do your customers want / need / require?

You've got the data!  What do you do with it?  Simple.  Turn it into information.  Think of your customer interviews as gold ore.  It's going to take some processing to get the full value from it.  I will lead your team through the steps of processing your data, turning it into valuable information.  The output is a set of requirements that you can tie directly to the needs of your customers.

Identify the problem, then find the solution.

Now you've got something you can take to the bank... literally!  One of the first questions your investors will ask is "How do you know this idea provides value for the customer?"  Your answer will be immediate and data driven -- not speculation and promises.

The deliverable from this process is a set of credible requirements that drives your development project.  It doesn't matter if your product ends up being a device, service, or program.  You will plan your development accurately based upon solid information.  Couple this with your business plan and you have roadmap to success.


"Which is most likely to succeed?

A solution that is not needed -or-
A need that has a solution!"

                   Bill Riley 2009